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A message from Dale Schienbein

We started our day with a 3:45 alarm call and teed it up Thursday morning at 4:50 am playing our first 9 holes in 1 hour and 25 mins. We called it quits at 10:10 with a total of 81 holes being played.

The weather was outstanding as we teed off with light sweaters and very quickly shed those in the first round. The day was sunny, warm and was probably the best weather we have experienced for any of our last 11 Golf-A-Thons.

How was the golf you are wondering?

Lenny shot rounds of 67-68-66-69-35 for an average of 67.5. Wow - Lenny hit the ball great and I can’t remember him missing a putt! He has had a great year playing so far and I think will see more tournament success as the season unfolds. I was certainly impressed watching the shots he hit and how effortlessly he played. For as long as he hits the ball, he is even a better putter!

Dale had rounds of 75-72-77-76-38 for an average of 75. With the busyness of this season, this was the first time on the golf course for me this year. I had hurt my shoulder playing hockey earlier in the spring and wasn’t sure if I would be able to complete the Golf-A-Thon or not. The shoulder was sore but thanks to Advil, I was able to play the entire day! My short game wasn’t very sharp and I made a lot of “middle of the fairway” bogeys but that is what one gets when you don’t play much – funny how we get what we deserve in this game!! All in all, it was an enjoyable experience and it sure beats working in front of a computer!!

Some additional facts:

  • Lenny had 21 birdies and 1 eagle. Dale had 9 birdies and no eagles!!
  • Special thanks go out to Janette Calder and her daughter and later in the day Peter Stevenson-Moore and his wife who kept us company during some of our day.
  • Dale and Lenny made it through the day without losing a ball!
  • We went through 10 water bottles necessitating many trips to the water coolers – they sure are a fabulous addition to our facility!
  • We packed food for our day and with all the food we had in the cart, the crows only managed to get a hold of a cinnamon bun that Lind y brought out to us. Other than that we were able to shut out the wildlife from raiding our golf carts!
  • We were putting out on the ninth green when the sun crested over the North Shore Mountains on our opening round.
  • We used 11 sand and seed bottles and exhausted two power carts
  • Total elapsed time of golf was just over 17 hours
  • Dale managed to survive the entire day without drinking even one Coke!
  • No one was crippled the next day. Aside from a few aches and pains Friday was just another regular day for us.
  • Similar to past years, I had hoped I would play more holes than e-mails received that day. I am happy to say I did achieve this goal (but it was close) with 71 waiting for me on Saturday morning!! Aughhh!!

Most importantly, Lenny and I are very proud to report that through your support we were able to raise a record $27,046.00 (and pledges are still coming in) for the ALS Society of BC. Over the past eleven years, Seymour has led the Province in raising over $238,000 for the ALS Society!! Thank you so much!!!!! Please know that you are making a difference both for ALS patients and in the lives of their family members!!


In photo: ALS patient Rick Poliquin, and Lenny Cyr

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