Arbutus Ridge Golf Course

On June 8, 2017, Richard Ingle, Andy Hajer, and Jayme Young golfed 100 holes each. Raising funds and awareness for the ALS Society of BC, they played from 7:00 am until 8:15 pm. The long day ended with a collective score of 1312, and a total of 26 birdies and one eagle.

“Our Golfathon included hammering rain for the first 4 hours, followed by massive wind gusts then, in typical West Coast fashion, glorious sunshine for the final few holes,” said Richard Ingle, General Manager of the Arbutus Ridge Golf Course. “There are some aches, pains and mental fatigue after playing golf for 13 hours straight but let’s put this in perspective. It is nothing compared to what is endured by those afflicted with this terrible disease and the mental anguish their families are put through. Arbutus Ridge Golf Club is very proud to be associated with the ALS Society of British Columbia and the PGA of BC and looks forward to supporting the Golfathon for ALS for as long as it takes to find a cure.”

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Golfathon Ambassador

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Golfathon for ALS

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